Got a new target for the range.


Proudly Using and Installing Strict 9 Stings….



I have big news!!, Hellbilly Archery is now Open.

Based in Springdale Arkansas,  I am available for bow setups, coaching, tuning, and have a 15 indoor and a 60 Yard Range.

Please get with me to setup and appointment to get you shooting better than you ever have.



I thought that the Carbon Express Maxima was a great arrow… but now I say they are awesome arrows!!!!
Robin Hood from 50 yards…..



Made it here this weekend, got it setup. So far so good, draw cycle is more harsh than the Z9… But that was expected…


My new Bowtech Insanity is on its way, should be here next week. I ordered the

Insanity CPXL


These are the first images from our new 20 acre landlocked hunting grounds in NW Arkansas.


Starting out the new year, with a new workout regiment and will be shooting everyday 20 arrows a day minimum.

So far so good, got my first robinhood….


Our pal Tim has been chasin’ this big buck for the last few weeks, and with the Oklahoma season coming to a close, he gets his shoot..

Taken down with Traditional Archery tackle.

YouTube Preview Image

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